Delivering rich, high-class, award-winning premium
home design and construction.

Delivering rich, high-class, award-winning premium home design and construction.

Redwood Construction & Consulting focuses not only on premium construction and remodeling but also on you (the customer’s) needs and satisfaction. We’re not happy until you’re happy. We strive to cover all bases on every job to simplify the process for you and let you handle other important things in your life. We’ll deliver on promises and build with high-quality materials and workmanship so you can rely on dependable products that will last.

The company is eight years strong and backed by decades of experience in project management, home-building and design, luxurious remodels, and other construction projects. We deliver results, not excuses or setbacks. When it comes to any construction project, we go full steam ahead and provide efficient, quality workmanship, which is why others often refer us to their friends and families. We know the headaches you face and want to eliminate those for you with the services you need.

Full Service

Complete, luxurious home design and construction with all the services you need to get the entire job done, eliminating the hassle of finding job-specific contractors.


Extensive, premium bathroom and kitchen remodeling services that deliver value and luxury while maintaining dependability and quality.


Our qualified and experienced construction team handles every job you need from start to finish, including home lifting services, complete home remodeling, ​and more.